April 4 National Fast to End Hunger

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses

end hungerThere will be a National day of fasting against hunger in Great Britain on Friday 4 April.

Perhaps this is something other countries could emulate.

Half a million people are going without adequate food in Britain. The End Hunger Fast initiative, which is being backed by Ekklesia and others, is inviting people across the country to join in with a national day of fasting on 4th April 2014.

The aim is to help show the government that some of Britain is hungry — and also hungry for change.

“Feel free to raise sponsorship to either help fund your local foodbank or donate to the End Hunger Fast campaign,” the organisers say.

The Twitter hashtag to promote, publicise and discuss the event is #FASTAPRIL4TH (lower and upper case both work the same).

Ekklesia associate the Rev Dr Keith Hebden has achieved national publicity for going on a complete 40 day fast to coincide with Lent as part of the campaign.

* The National Day of Fasting: http://endhungerfast.co.uk/causes/national-day-of-fasting-april4th/

* End Hunger Fast: http://endhungerfast.co.uk/

* Follow End Hunger Fast on Ekklesia: http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/endhungerfast


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