Video: St. Vincent de Paul Society Celebrating 175 Years in the USA; Now Adapting to Challenges of COVID-19

A video showing how the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Marin County, California has adapted to serve their neighbors in need despite the many challenges of COVID-19.

Homelessness and Hunger

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week occurs November 16 through November 24.

Hunger Games – A Walmart alert!

Hunger Games – A Walmart alert! … The report, named Walmart’s Hunger Games, links Walmart’s business practices to the hunger of its workers.

Nine Ways to a Food Waste-Free Thanksgiving… or Christmas

Nine Ways to a Food Waste-Free Thanksgiving… or Christmas – Food Tank highlights ways for eaters and consumers to cut down on food waste while enjoying holiday favorites this Thanksgiving… or Christmas

April 4 National Fast to End Hunger

“End Hunger Fast”

This Lent, remember those who go without food – and help us tackle hunger This is the appeal from the Church Poverty website in the United Kingdom. The following contains much food for thought (pun intended) for people outside the United Kingdom and seems to enter...

Pope “Don’t look away!”

Pope “Don’t look away!”

Pope Francis issued a video message to support the global campaign against world hunger, launched by Caritas Internationalis. The Pope asked Catholics not to "look the other way” from the "global scandal” of hunger, but rather "share in Christian charity” what they...

Irish SVDP leader on food poverty

Children in schools throughout Tipperary are going hungry every day because of a food poverty crisis according to a leading St.Vincent de Paul officer. Kieran Stafford, national vice president of St.Vincent de Paul, said food poverty was one of the biggest issues they...

Hunger hits Home – Jeff Bridges

Hunger hits Home – Jeff Bridges

Hunger Hits Home, a compelling documentary broadcast on the Food Network and narrated by actor Jeff Bridges, puts a human face on hunger in the United States.  The program features policymakers, food providers, politicians and, most important, people in need. The...

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