Vincentian workshops in wise asset management

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Congregation of the Mission, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice, Vincentian Family

Wise Asset Management

Wise Asset Management, Strategic Planning, and Grant-Writing – Father Gregory Gay, CM announces a series of workshops focusing on these three topics .

“While the workshops are being sponsored by the Congregation of the Mission, we want them to be open to participants from all the branches of the Vincentian Family. We hope that these workshops will be a further way for the Vincentian family to collaborate, so that, working together, we will walk side by side with those we serve as they seek to emerge from poverty.

“In order to foster a participative, interactive style, we think that there should be 50-100 participantsThe local leaders of the Family could decide if others from outside the Family should be invited too. That might depend on how many participants from the Family itself wish to participate.

“These new workshops, which will last for four days, will focus on three topics: Wise Asset Management, Strategic Planning, and Grant-Writing. The topics will be integrated with one another rather than treated separately. An interactive methodology will be used, engaging the participants in planning and writing. We feel that, by using materials that the participants themselves write, cultural differences will best be taken into account. ”

The team giving the workshops will be Fr. Joseph Agostino, CM, Sr. Marge Clifford, DC, and Fr. Robert Maloney, CM. 

See Wise Asset Management announcement -ENG (PDF) for full details.