Vows of the Daughters of Charity

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Daughters of Charity, Formation

Co-founders St. Vincent and St. Louise established the annual and renewable vows of the Daughters of Charity as a progressive confirmation of their particular charism. The Daughters were not cloistered but worked among the people, but they did not identify as laity since they had a consecration to God, and neither were they a Religious Order.

Each year a new YES is pronounced in freedom to the vocation to which God calls them.

“One is not a Daughter of Charity because of making vows, but one makes vows because one is a Daughter of Charity and to always be so more perfectly.”

– Michel Lloret, Echoes of the Company, September-October 1985

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This presentation is based on an article by Fr. Fernando Quintano, C.M., available on the international website of the Congregation of the Mission in English and Spanish.

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