Vows of the Daughters of Charity

The annual and renewable vows of the Daughters of Charity are a progressive confirmation of their particular charism–
each year a new YES is pronounced in freedom to the vocation to which God calls them.

377 Years Since First Vows of Daughters of Charity

Today is the 377th anniversary of the day St. Louise de Marillac and four Daughters of Charity pronounced vows for the first time.

Why is the Feast of the Annunciation so important to Daughters of Charity?

Here is the answer to this question, in 6 slides.

Fasting … vows with open hands

On this happy day of Sr. Ellen Reilly’s vows, I hold out to you what might seem to be a strange topic: fasting. It’s got somber associations with negative things like restraint and refraining and penance. How does all that fit into an upbeat event like this? For one...