March 25 in the Vincentian Family

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Annunciation Mother HouseSo much happens on March 25 beginning with the Annunciation.

Notable historic events that occurred in history…

  • 1634: In Paris. Louise de Marillac, authorized by Monsieur Vincent, renovates her vow of widowhood.
  • 1642: As a souvenir of Mother Louise consecration of her life into service of Lord Of Charity chosen by Daughters of Charity for the Solemnity of Annunciation to celebrate renovation of their vows, during the Mass for the day, Mother Louise, sr Barbara Angeboust and three other Sisters take their perpetual vows to give their whole life to service of poor.
  • 1644: During the Mass on the Solemnity of Annunciation, in the church of St. Nicholas de Chardonnet, Louise de Marillac. sr Barbara Angeboust and three more sisters renew their vows, taken two years before, of living the whole life in chastity, obedience, poverty and service of the poor.
  • 1657: In Paris, brother John Jourdain dies. He was the first brother coadjutor in the Congregation of the Mission which he entered on February 13, 1627. Earlier he was equerry master and master of the house of marquise de Maignelay.
  • 1805Elizabeth Ann Seton receives her First Communion at St. Peter’s Church, Barclay Street, New York City.
  • 1808Elizabeth Ann Seton makes vows for one year and given title of “Mother” by John Carroll, bishop of Baltimore.
  • 1813: A decree demands City of Paris to purchase the l’Hôtel de Châtillon (at rue de Bac, presently Motherhouse) and install Daughters of Charity there as they were installed in the residence at rue du Vieux-Colombier until the Revolution.
  • 1824: In the age of 35, Joseph Rosati,CM is consecrated coadjutor bishop of New Orleans by Msgr Louis Dubourg, bishop of Florida and Louisiana in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.
  • 1850: Union of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph’s founded by Elizabeth Ann Seton in Emmitsburg,MD in 1809 and the Congregation of Daughters of Charity of St. Louise and St. Vincent.
  • 1852: Group of sisters from community of Sisters of Charity pof St.Joseph, persuaded and assisted by archbishop of Cincinnati Msgr John Purcell, establish an independent religious diocesan community of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. These sisters didn’t want to accept union of their Emmitsburg based community with ‘French’ Daughters of Charity. They wanted to preserve American character and heritage of their community. In 1920s they transferred to papal rights company by introducing new Constitutions and changing traditional Setonian style dress to modern one. Presently, about 500 sisters and 150 lay associates (women and men) work in 34 US dioceses and in Guatemala.
  • 1911: 659 Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN) make perpetual vows for the first time. The community was established in 1812 by nineteen year old Catherine Spaldiong and her two associates. They responded to bishop’s David of Bardstwon, Kentucky call for assistance in ministering to the needs of the people of the area. The community follows the rule of St. Vincent de Paul. Presently SCN sisters serve in 20 states in the U.S.A., in India, Nepal and Belize, Central America.
  • 1937: By the decree of Congregation for Eastern Churches signed by cardinal Eugene Gabriel Tisserant Prefecture Apostolic of Tigré on Abyssinian territories (Presently Ethiopia and Eritrea) is erected and confined to Italian Vincentians. Prefect’s residence was established in Adigrat.

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    This is wonderful information!!! Gives me such a sense of our small place in such a grand history!

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