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The Mystical Journey of Louise de Marillac

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Formation | 0 comments

Yesterday, June 4 was the anniversary of the day that St. Louise received the “Light” of Pentecost– her mystical “Lumière” experience.

From the introduction to a talk by Benito Martínez Betanzos, CM:

“When I was asked to speak on the mysticism of Saint Louise de Marillac (because Elisabeth Charpy had to excuse herself) I began to wonder if people, who are immersed in the social, economic and labor crisis, would be interested in a presentation on mysticism. What solution can mysticism present to the problems of immigration or the present economic situation?

Allow me to be rude and to ask what are we doing here reflecting on Louise’s mysticism when in Spain there are four million people who are homeless and unemployed and countless others who are undocumented and hiding so that hunger and misery and death do not overtake them. I respond that we are doing much good since the mysticism of Saint Louise teaches us that the intimate union that God established with her was done out of pure love and enabled her (and enables us) to offer this same love to those who are poor… enables us to act as prophets and denounce the injustice of the suffering of the innocent.”

The following presentation is based on a portion of Fr. Martínez’ talk.


Download PPT Download PDF

A copy of the entire talk is available here

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