The Mystical Journey of Louise de Marillac

Benito Martínez Betanzos, CM reflects on the mysticism of Saint Louise.

Interview with Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M. on his book “Mystic of Charity”

Watch an interview by Elena Grazini (Famvin Press Office, Rome) with Father Maloney about his latest book on St. Vincent de Paul, “Mystic of Charity”.

Who Is a “Real” Christian?

I hear a lot of arguments about who is a “real”  Christian or Catholic. Sometimes they sound suspiciously like the platforms of one or the other political party. They often remind me of Paul’s words. “Whenever someone says, “I belong to Paul,” and another, “I belong...

What We Know… and Forget… About St. Vincent

Vincent serves as a prime example of what Pope Francis calls an “open-eyed mystic”… whose prayer led to action and whose action led to prayer.