Interview with Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M. on his book “Mystic of Charity”

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Elena Grazini of the Famvin Press Office interviews Father Maloney about his latest book on St. Vincent de Paul, Mystic of Charity. Purchase the book here

(Below the video is an English translation of Elena’s questions to Fr. Maloney.)

  1. Father, “Mystic of Charity” is the title of your new book. Although you talk about St. Vincent de Paul in terms of the mysticism of charity, can you explain what the mysticism of St. Vincent de Paul consists of?
  2. Father, in the prologue you speak of the imagination or in any case of the possibilities that animated the life and work of St. Vincent. How important is the element of creativity in the actions of St. Vincent de Paul? If you can give some concrete examples?
  3. So, let’s give a good reason to read this book— both to those who already know St. Vincent but also to those who do not know the person of St. Vincent.

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  1. Sr Maureen Tinkler DC

    Just read this wonderful book on my annual retreat. A great read and source of nourishment. Thank you Fr Bob.

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