Articles for Pentecost

EMMY Blesses Good News!

“God is with us. This is the message of hope that we want to shout from the rooftops, that we want to beam over the airwaves, that we want to put on the front page of our publications and post on our social media accounts.”

The Mystical Journey of Louise de Marillac

Benito Martínez Betanzos, CM reflects on the mysticism of Saint Louise.

Pentecost 2020 and our Vincentian Family

Fr. Joe Agostino, international coordinator of the Vincentian Family Office, posted a video with an interesting reflection on this Pentecost.

The Church must always surprise – Pope Francis

Is there any doubt that those in the upper room were surprised by the Spirit? Probably not. So maybe we should not be surprised when Pope Francis writes… “The Church must always surprise”.

Thoughts on Pentecost

Thoughts on Pentecost

Souls that are truly poor and desirous of serving God should place their trust in the coming of the Holy Spirit within them believing that, finding no resistance in them, He will give them the disposition necessary to accomplish the holy will of God which should be...

A Vincentian Vernacular

A Vincentian Vernacular

“A Vincentian Vernacular” Another reflection In Patrick Griffin's series "Considering Consecrated Life" For emphasis, we choose significant “years” to begin and end on certain dates. Thus, Pope Francis decided that the “Year of Consecrated Life,” would begin on the...

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