Is Social Media Hurting Your Life?

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Formation, Reflections, Social Media

Hurting? Damaging? Sounds dramatic! And far be it from me to suggest that you stop looking for famvin on Facebook or Twitter!

Is social media hurting you?

But the editors makes some good points on Odyssey Online:

Instead of being sure that everybody who isn’t there gets to see your moment, savor it with all the people who are really there. Enjoy the good times, and keep happy moments for yourself. In 10 years, nobody is going to look back on the status you posted; but you will still reflect on that point in time by yourself.

Even what we’re going through isn’t a happy experience; we sometimes look to social media for support. Although some parts of our lives are far from pleasant, it’s still important that we truly experience them.

Read the rest by clicking here and reflect:

  • Am I missing life because I’m trying to stay connected?