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Is Social Media Hurting Your Life?

In 10 years, nobody is going to look back on the status you posted; but you will still reflect on that point in time. Is social media hurting you?

Connecting in a “Selfie” world

They were all there waiting for me,” the Pope said. “When I arrived, they made noise, as young people do. I went to greet them and only a few gave their hand. The majority were with their cellphones (saying), ‘photo, photo, photo. Selfie!’

Charity Federation Lifelines Dec. 2013

The Sisters of Charity of Halifax provides a monthly roundup of activities of the Federation. The December issue of Charity Federation Lifelines is now online. Some of the contents... Collaborating-Collective Influence Daughters of Charity Western Province Sisters of...

Life-giving Charity Federation Connections

Charity Federation Connections — Lifelines  - We want to focus on sharing the good news of what is giving our  congregations life and energy.  If any of what you read stirs a desire for more, go to the Sisters of Charity Federation website and you’ll discover what...

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