Connecting in a “Selfie” world

by | May 22, 2018 | Reflections, Social, Social Media

Said His Holiness, recounting an encounter “… greeting teens participating in a program of the international network of “Scholas Occurrentes,”

“They were all there waiting for me,” he said. “When I arrived, they made noise, as young people do. I went to greet them and only a few gave their hand. The majority were with their cellphones (saying), ‘photo, photo, photo. Selfie!’”

“I saw that this is their reality, that is the real world, not human contact. And this is serious. They are ‘virtualized’ youths,” the pope said. “The world of virtual communication is a good thing, but when it becomes alienating, it makes you forget to shake hands.”

His reflection (with an accompanying story here) is the point of this TEDx talk. In this “selfie” world. How connected (or DISconnected) are you?