Can We Recognize The Seasons Of Our Lives?

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Formation, Reflections, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

Seasons. Life happens in seasons

Ecclesiastes says there’s a time for everything. Everything has a season.

  • Good seasons. Bad seasons.
  • Productive seasons. Growth seasons. And, seasons of decline.
  • Seasons of mourning. Grief. Seasons of laughter. Jubilee.
  • Seasons where there are more obstacles than opportunities. Often followed by seasons where we can’t seem to find time for all the opportunities presented to us.
  • There are seasons of stretching, where God seems to shape something new in our hearts. And, we often don’t know what that new is until we enter yet another season.
  • Seasons of passionate, growing love. And, tough seasons, where love is tested.
  • Seasons you’re more the leader and seasons where you’re more being led.
  • Seasons of blessings. And, seasons of wondering where are all those blessings others seem to be experiencing.
  • There are seasons of discovery and seasons where we get to invest what we have discovered in others – all while we keep discovering something new.

Seasons in the lives of people who inspire us

We all have people who have inspired us. Have we recognized the seasons of their lives?

I, for one, have been increasingly inspired by the life of Vincent de Paul. Initially, I had a very monochromatic view of his life emphasizing that he served the poor and the marginalized. I gradually became aware that such was not always the case.

Some time in his early middle life he experienced some breakthrough insight that shaped the trajectory of his life. Trajectory is a significant word. He spent much of his life unpacking the implications of his discovery to the spiritual and material needs of those on the margins. Right up to the end of life he was still learning as he passed through many seasons.

I am reminded of the monk Bede Griffiths who said in the 81st year of his life that he learned more in the previous year than in the prior 80 years.

Recognizing the Seasons of our lives.

When we don’t understand this concept of seasons – especially in the bad seasons – we can begin to believe seasons never change. We may stop trusting. Stop dreaming. Stop taking risks.

Seasons do change. Sometimes quickly. And, sometimes seasons overlap each other.

When we find ourselves in a good season, especially an extended good season, we can start to take the season for granted. We may even forget seasons change. Sometimes quickly. And so we aren’t prepared.

Review your life by how the seasons have molded you. God never wastes a season.

Questions to pray over

  • What can I learn from the seasons of the lives of those who inspire me?
  • What season of life are you currently experiencing?
  • Ask God to place in your heart what He wants you to learn during this specific season of your life.

This post was inspired by a post of Ron Edmondson Discerning the Seasons of Our Lives