Men Transforming Men

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Formation, Reflections

“We’re all on a spiritual Journey. The question is whether you’re awake to it or not.”

We’ve shared a few posts about the women from the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers who have had opportunities for spiritual exploration and discernment recently, but what about the men??

The CVV communications office informs us that

Two weekends ago, all of the CVV23 men join up with 320+ from all over the state of Colorado (and country!) for a retreat in Estes Park. It was a wonderful opportunity for the guys to engage men’s spirituality in a communal and inter-generational way. Here’s a few photos of the crew, affectionately referred to as “BroHo.” #WhereintheworldCVV #BroHo

I thought I would share an important resource for men seeking to deepen their spirituality. For us it goes hand in hand with the virtues of simplicity, humility, gentleness, mortification and zeal for the salvation of souls.

Illuman is the successor to the men’s spirituality work conducted by Richard Rohr at the Center for Action and Contemplation. It affirms the importance of listening and speaking from the heart within a circle of men. Listen, as Richard Roher describes it. Are you growing more deeply in your spiritual life as a Vincentian man?