He Leads People to the Poor: Bill Sweeney #IamVincent

by | Apr 6, 2017 | News, Reflections

Bill Sweeney could easily say, “I am Vincent.” He’s got Vincent’s heart and Vincent’s style: he leads people to the poor.

Parishioners at St. Francis de Sales Church, Belle Harbor, NY (USA) gather for a Lenten dinner. Young and old, Bill invites them to the dedicate some time thinking about poverty and poor people and doing something about it. “Let us go to the Poor,” said Frederic Ozanam. Fr. Sweeney leads them.

The proceeds of this meal go to St. John’s Bread & Life, the largest soup kitchen in the Brooklyn diocese, and a Vincentian foundation. Located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, it serves nearly 2,700 meals a day and is expected to serve about a million meals to needy people this year.

On the video you heard from the executive director of Bread & Life and members of St. Francis de Sales Church. The E.D. is Tony Butler, another person who’s a “Vincentian of Wherever,” and could easily say, #IamVincent.

We’re everywhere. Don’t be surprised if Father Sweeney’s next step is to bring the folks directly to Bread and Life. I can see those two young fellas as members of the SSVP someday. That’s how it starts! He leads them to the poor!

Source: netny.tv