Get to Know: Hannah Brock

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Formation, Reflections

As the Anniversary Year committee has adopted an initiative to combat homelessness for this year and beyond, it’s good to get to know people who work in this line. Depaul International is an acknowledged leader and member of the Vincentian Family.

Get to know Hannah Brock

Vincentians of Wherever: here, there and everywhere! Hannah Brock is a good person to get to know.

I am a Progression Coach based at Depaul UK’s Camden Kaleidoscope. This project focuses on mental health and offers supported accommodation for up to seven young people with complex needs.

There are between 12 and 15 people in our team. The residents that come to us initially require a high level of support. They can face severe challenges such as anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm and other issues that require a specialist understanding.

One of my responsibilities is to help our young people organise their time and set themselves goals. This includes making sure they look after themselves properly and attend their appointments. If necessary, it can extend to reminding them to do the everyday things like laundry.

You can see she has a profound commitment, and a commitment to systemic change as well!

We want them to gain the independence to eventually move on…

Vincentians… of wherever! Good people to get to know! Read her entire testimony by clicking here.