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30 Years of Depaul

Depaul International is marking its 30th anniversary of starting its mission to end homelessness in the UK and across the world.

Depaul International is Searching for a New Board Chair

CHAIR OF TRUSTEES - DEPAUL INTERNATIONAL Depaul International is the parent organisation of a growing group of charities working to support homeless and marginalised people around the world. The Depaul Group currently works in seven countries, supporting 20,000 people...

Depaul France: Happy Times Thanks to the Superior General

Depaul France had the great honor of welcoming Fr Tomaž Mavrič, CM, last Tuesday, March 12.

Depaul International BBC Radio 4 Appeal

We are incredibly proud that Depaul International’s work in Ukraine will shortly feature on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal. The Appeal is read by our long-standing trustee Dame Louise Casey DBE CB, the former UK homelessness czar and leading social policy reformer. The...
Get to Know: Hannah Brock

Get to Know: Hannah Brock

As the Anniversary Year committee has adopted an initiative to combat homelessness for this year and beyond, it's good to get to know people who work in this line. Depaul International is an acknowledged leader and member of the Vincentian Family. Vincentians of...

Make impossible things happen

Make impossible things happen

Can you make impossible things happen? I had never heard of “massaging life into a wooden leg.” In  Central and Eastern Europe it means making the impossible possible. Mark McGreevy, CEO of Depaul International then explains that “What I want to talk to you about this...

Depaul International Newsletter

Depaul International Newsletter

The Depaul International newsletter is now available online. We hope you will be inspired by our new campaign 'Dinners for Depaul' to host a dinner for your friends and at the same time support Depaul International's work for the homeless and marginalised. Designed to...

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