Places of St. Vincent

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Formation | 3 comments

Fr. Bruce Krause, C.M. prepared these PowerPoint slides as a kind of tour of special places in the life of St. Vincent de Paul. We thought it would be a great resource to share for the 400th Anniversary.

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  1. The Rev. Dr. Edward Ambrose- "Ed"

    Dear Fr. Bruce,

    Your presentation touches my heart. I’m 80 years old and a bit infirm. My wife insists that my life has been influenced by you and your Confreres. All of these thoughts came to me,along with fondest memories of Saint Joe’s,Saint Viincent de Paul Novitiate, & my classmates who are now your Confreres.

    My life has turned and twisted through sin,failure,and ultimately virtue by His grace alone! Moreover,I credit the Vincentians for whatever I am doing right.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful presentation.

    Ed Ambrose

    St. Joe’s,AA,1957

  2. Edward Martin

    A major directive to Religious Communities flowing from Vatican II was for a return to the spirit of the original charism of the founder. It was never intended to be a once only reflection. This presentation is a vivid reminder of that need. While my sins will always be mine, I often reflect that had I not been assigned to teach at a university, which was at that time and remains so today for me, not an identifiable Vincentian apostolate, I would, fifty five years post ordination, still be wearing a C.M. after my name.
    Forgive me, as a former seminary prof. for pointing out that in frame 10 you have confused validity with liciety. There was no question the ordination was valid, but rather was it licit. Ed Martin, MA. SSL STD class of 1961

  3. Jack Timlin

    Thanks Bruce – very moving.

    Jack Timlin