“Walking With Vincent” with Fr. Patrick J. Griffin, CM

As we approach St. Vincent’s Feast Day on September 27, let’s visit with Fr. Griffin some of the places in France where St. Vincent lived and ministered.

Châtillon: God Works With Our Choices

Here in Châtillon, the Confraternities of Charity began as the creative collaboration of the women of the parish and their parish priest.

The Foundation Story for Vincentian Systemic Change

The story of the sermon at Châtillon is not only the foundation story of the Ladies of Charity, it is the foundation for what we call today systemic change.

AIC International Assembly – Chatillon 2017

Our pilgrimage began in Notre Dame Cathedral on March 8, 2017 – International Women’s Day – at a Mass attended by 1,000 AIC France and other nationalities. It was the first of several encounters with the Heart of St Vincent in our presence. Later on, after the vin...
Places of St. Vincent

Places of St. Vincent

Fr. Bruce Krause, C.M. prepared these PowerPoint slides as a tour of special places in the life of St. Vincent de Paul. We thought it would be a great resource to share for the 400th Anniversary.

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