How Much Can We Learn from Vincent to Make a Difference Today?

by | Oct 1, 2016 | Formation, Reflections

vincent-life-lessons-series-facebookLast January J. Patrick Murphy, CM presented me with a pre-publication copy of a little book he had just completed - Mr. Vincent” - which you can download here. He wrote “My purpose here is to show in a few pages how much Vincent accomplished and how much we can learn from the master to make a difference in this world.”

I read it immediately, was intrigued by its Vincentian simplicity and directness. Then over the next few weeks, I found myself reflecting on the various lessons he offered. I wrote an initial reflection on Vincent and Mentors. I asked for feedback about whether people might be interested in more reflections on other themes.

At times the series went beyond the reflections based on J. Patrick Murphy’s specific suggestions. So occasionally they reflected the events of the day from a Vincentian perspective.

Here we are some six months and more than 25 reflections later. A new series is about to begin October 8. I thought it would be a fitting conclusion to this project to collect the reflections in one place. It is my hope they stimulate you as much as they have me.

I hope you enjoy them. But above all, I encourage you to use your knowledge of his life and reflect on what Vincent might suggest about the events of your life.

Is anyone interested in doing a similar series on lessons from Louise, Frederick and any of our other wisdom figures? Contact .famvin!