Refugees – a battle of values

by | Feb 20, 2016 | Announcements, Congregation of the Mission, News


The battle of values of fear and solidarity will be addressed in an international workshop: “Religious and Migration in the 21st Century: Perspectives, Response and Challenges.”

Sponsored in part by the Congregation of the Mission, this workshop is aimed at bringing men and women religious together to share their experiences in the common responsibility towards the many migrants and refugees. It will also offer the opportunity to listen to those with deeper knowledge of the situation and to enable men and women religious to harness their efforts so that their response may be more efficient.


  • Battle of values between fear and solidarity: Understanding Migration dynamics and the urgency of the current situation
  • Stay with us: Practical responses to the Migrants/Refugees
  • Thinking globally and acting locally: strategies for effective response


  • Voices: Trafficked women, Migrants and Refugees
  • IOM: International Organization on Migration
  • ICMC: International Catholic Migration Commission
  • UNHCR: United Nations High Commission on Refugees
  • Italian Government/EU: Migration Refugee Department
  • Caritas Internationalis
  • Jesuits Refugee Center
  • UISG: United International Superiors General
  • Journalists working with Migrants/Refugees
  • Pontifical Commission on Justice and Peace



  • Passionists International
  • Congregations of St. Joseph
  • Augustinians International
  • Congregation of the Mission

Audience: Religious men and women in Europe

Venue: Casa Generalizia dei Passioisti Roma

Date: February 22-24, 2016

Registration at Eventbrite.