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Articles for refugees

National Migration Week

Creating a world where immigrants, refugees, migrants, and people on the move are treated with dignity, respect, welcome and belonging.

What Did St. Vincent Do For Refugees and Street Homeless?

Continuing the presentation of Fr. Robert Maloney’s research into the amazing facts of St. Vincent’s many initiatives with regard to the homeless of his day.

Green Area for Refugees to Start a new Life in Rome

These refugees have found a land of opportunity right in the backyard of the Congregation of the Mission in Rome. Since March, they've been growing produce and flowers here as part of the Mediterranea Project, a Vincentian initiative seeking to also cultivate...

Pope’s Video Won an International Prize for Best Strategy

On Friday, June 15, a video with the collaboration of Pope Francis won an international prize for “best strategy in social action” at the International Festival of Social Publicity in Spain. Jesús Colina, from Aletia writes: The video was put together by the Migrants...

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