On behalf of… thank you!

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dave-barringer-svdp-featured-facebookOn behalf of… thank you!

David W. Barringer, CEO of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, writes in his weekly column to members of the Society… and by extension to all who walk in the footsteps of  Vincent, Louise, Frederick,  Elizabeth, etc.

On behalf of the guy who demanded you give him more money than you budgeted, thank you.

From the woman who shows up every month, to the day, when she can receive more help, thanks.

On behalf of the pastor who now simply gives your card to people in need, blessings.

For the children who think that moving from shelter to shelter is normal, bless you.

On behalf of the single parent whom you kept from her wit’s end, thanks so much.

From the man you kept a little warmer with that used coat, you’re a lifesaver.

From that dad you helped get a new job to feed his family, thanks always.

On behalf of that older couple you sit and pray with, Amen.

On behalf of that young man who you helped get through just one more day, thanks.

From the Bishop you are helping to grow his flock, many blessings.

I know you don’t do all you do to seek recognition from other people. And you certainly don’t do this for me to thank you from the National Office and National Council. (Tough, get used to it.)

God sees.

God knows.

After all, He put you here just for all this.

He knew it might be tough but you could do it.

And you respond to His will.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours in Christ,



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