Do we tell the stories of our Vincentian saints often enough?

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Formation, Vincentian Family

saintsbeaticompleteIn 2010 there was a famvin post that asked the question “Do we tell the stories of our Vincentian saints often enough?”

Georgia wrote “We need heroes. We need to give kids heroes. Without heroes, they will give us gangs.” And worse.

Some food for thought. We have a history full of heroes – Vincentian and others. Do we tell the stories of the saints and especially out saints often enough?

The various portions of the famvin complex of websites offer some very rich resources.

Heroes and Heroines of the Vincentian Family

Overview in timeline format with links to Vincentian Encyclopedia (available in various languges)

Resources (presentations, videos, games) focusing on five major Vincentian founders; other Vincentian Saints and Blesseds.

Lists of Vincentian Models

Lesser Known qualities of Vincentian Saints – Maloney

Organizationally Savvy Saints in the Vincentian Family – Regina Bechtle