All Saints

Can You Believe What Pope Francis Said About Saints?

Can You Believe What Pope Francis Said About Saints? You can if you believe what Jesus said!

The Heroes In Our Lives – The Saints Next Door

“All the Saints”  can never be limited to those who have fully graduated. As the entire New Testament does, we must apply the word “saints” to all of us who are in kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, college, and doing graduate studies..

All (Vincentian) Saints

In celebration of All Saints Day this week, let’s look at our Vincentian Saints and Blesseds. There are ten Vincentian Family Saints: six women, four men…

Communications “heroes” — some saints, some not!

Communications people: celebrate all saints day! Why All Saints? The whole idea of All Saints’ Day is something I find great comfort in because it’s a reminder that we’re not blazing new ground. We’re not the first ones to struggle. We’re not the first ones trying to...


All Saints, November 1, 2015 – Rev 7, 2-4. 9-14; 1 Jn 3, 1-3; Mt 5, 1-12a We shall be like him (1 Jn 3, 2) Jesus, righteous and merciful, is the image of the most holy God. Those who see him and become like him see God and become saints. Jesus goes about doing good...

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