Halloween questions for Catholics

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Cloud 10November is a month rich in celebrations for the Vincentian Family*… but first comes Halloween and questions for Catholics

About.com’s Catholicism expert Scott P. Richert offers insights to questions you may never have thought to ask but whose answers you might find interesting.

Did Pope Benedict XVI Condemn Halloween?
An Instructive Example of How Myths Get Started. The U.K. Daily Mail claims that Pope Benedict declared Halloween “dangerous” and “anti-Christian.” But did he?

Halloween, Jack Chick, and Anti-Catholicism
The Anti-Catholic Origins of the Attack on Halloween and  Jack Chick, the anti-Catholic author who has waged a war against Halloween and the Catholic Church for 30 years.

Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?
The Christian Origins of All Hallows Eve Halloween is neither a satanic holiday nor a secular one, but a Catholic celebration that’s almost 1,300 years old. Learn more about the Catholic origins of Halloween.

All Saints Day – Honoring All of the Saints, Known and Unknown

*Bonus question answer

What happens in the Vincentian Family in Novemeber?