Story Booth: History Recorded

by | Sep 11, 2015 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

storyboothMaking memories on video is now a common family practice. And our family is no different. We’ve followed the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and their “Story Booth” project.

It was a private space in the lobby of the Rhode Island Convention Center where Vincentians could contribute to a video archive by telling their stories.

Both Thursday and Friday during the Assembly, Vincentians were given different questions to answer in StoryBooth.

The question for Thursday was, “What inspired you to become a Vincentian and how has it changed your life?” (from the recent Frédéric’s E-Gazette, an e-newsletter from the National Council of the U.S. Council of the SVDP)

Other questions were recorded, and they prepared and premiered one of the videos at their recent assembly. And now, more videos are ready. Enjoy the first one!

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