The Power of Story: A Classic Technology

Storytelling -- relating a good story -- is the first Facebook, the first Twitter, the first Instagram, the first Snapchat. Story has power to inform, to persuade, to enchant and to inspire. Ella Saltmarshe, in Using Story to Change Systems" in the Stanford Social...

Why We Need to Share our Stories

.famvin has been inviting the young Vincentian world to share our stories. The project is called #IamVincent. Why is this important? Enjoy this video.

Story Booth: History Recorded

Making memories on video is now a common family practice. And our family is no different. We've followed the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and their "Story Booth" project. It was a private space in the lobby of the Rhode Island Convention Center where Vincentians...

Ten immutable laws of story telling

For those interested in telling the story of those in poverty and "Voice of the Poor" advocacy , the Visual Storytelling Network offers this post focusing on The 10 Immutable Laws of Storytelling 1. Stories are about people. Even if your organization (a) is devoted to...

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