Vincentian History

From DePaul University: The Power of History to Build a Better Future

DePaul’s library is home to special collections and archives that give direct accounts of those advocating for change in our world.

The Origin of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul: Bringing together two worlds that did not know each other

This was the crisis situation in which 7 young men stood up and decided “to go to the margins”. This is a dramatic, very moving and very topical story, with many parallels between that period and our own.

Elizabeth Ann Seton: American Saint

From DePaul University, a video Q&A session by the author Catherine O’Donnell who has written the first biography of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in over 65 years.

Story Booth: History Recorded

Making memories on video is now a common family practice. And our family is no different. We've followed the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and their "Story Booth" project. It was a private space in the lobby of the Rhode Island Convention Center where Vincentians...

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