If this is what the Junior Ladies of Charity can do…

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JLOC and VFIf this is what the Junior Ladies of Charity can do, then the future of the Ladies of Charity is assured. The charism of Vincent and Louise lives on and those in need are cared for! The range of their service is out of the ordinary. And kudos to the student who said so much so well in this presentation.
As I watched the video produced by the students of my alma mater, St. John’s Prep, I was amazed at how much the JLOC is doing and their deep connection with the charism. As an alum of the class of 1955, I was especially proud to hear them echo so much of that the faculty taught me more than 60 years ago.
Kitty Prager their Co-moderator writes..

This is a slide show about the St. John’s Prep School’s chapter of the Junior Ladies of Charity. A student put this together so we would have a visual presentation of our story. We have about 33 members now.
Just click on the link below and run it in Google drive.

We are so lucky to have been sponsored by St. John’s University’ s Ladies of Charity. Sr. Margaret John Kelly,DC was instrumental in getting our juniors going. She and the rest of the Sju Ladies, the regional committee, the Vincentians, especially, Fathers Freund, Miles Heinen and Griffin have been great mentors and respond to all of our requests so generously.

Hope you like it.

Kitty Prager
Co-moderator St. John’s Prep JLOC


JLOC make difference

JLOC leaven

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  1. Mary Ann Dantuono

    We are so proud of our Juniors! They have zeal, energy and talent.

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