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Happy Women’s Day: Check out “Herstory” on .famvin

Click to read all articles tagged "herstory"here on .famvin!   Herstory[1.Jane Mills, "Womanwords: a dictionary of words about women", 1992, ISBN 0-02-921495-5, p. 118] : history (knowledge obtained by inquiry) written from a feminist perspective, emphasizing the...

Buffalo Junior Ladies of Charity Meet Their Pen Pals

On June 24th our Junior Ladies of Charity traveled to Buffalo Public School #6 School of Technology to meet our second grade pen pals!

Ladies of Charity: Next Generation

See how the Ladies of Charity USA are adapting to today’s changing environment and listen as Junior Ladies of Charity tell their stories.

St. John’s Prep Junior Ladies of Charity Sponsor Tree Care 

St. John's Prep Junior Ladies of Charity sponsored a two-day Tree Care Project.  Fifty-five St.John's Prep students joined alumna Nancy Perez '86 and the NYC Parks Department in caring for trees in their Astoria community.  After attending a talk and slide...
St. John’s Prep – Human Trafficking Awareness

St. John’s Prep – Human Trafficking Awareness

The Junior Ladies of Charity from St. John’s Preparatory School sponsored a Human Trafficking Awareness Project for their school community.  The Junior Ladies chose to coincide with the United Nations 60th Commission on the Status of Women the United Nations Missions,...

Reflections from 5 years as a Junior Lady of Charity

Reflections from 5 years as a Junior Lady of Charity

The Ladies of Charity website contains a reflection by a Junior Lady of Charity. Mary Fritz shares the impact of her five years as a Junior Lady. She writes I can confidently say that being a part of this organization has enhanced my life in ways I never thought...

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