Daughters of Charity Making an Impact

by | May 30, 2015 | Daughters of Charity, News | 1 comment

A video in a series Making an Impact: Stories of Ministry.

Sister Carol Schumer shares about her ministry with Father’s Support Center in St. Louis. Featuring Reginald Slaughter, Facilitator and Supervisor at FSC.

“We’re problem solvers.

We impact our cause for children, and the challenge we address every day is the problem of absentee and non-involved fathers. For the children of these fathers, life is difficult and the prospects for a productive life in the future are not bright.”

At Fathers’ Support Center, we provide a comprehensive menu of programs and services for men who want to become responsible fathers and for their families.

Our signature offering for responsible fathers-to-be is the The Family Formation. Other vital programs include Employment Development & Mentoring, Youth Leadership & Development and Fathers‘ Rap.

1 Comment

  1. marguerite broderick dc

    Great snapshot view of the hopeful ministry in which you are privileged to serve, Sister Carol.

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