Carol Schumer

Ladies of Charity October prayer service

Sr. Carol Schumer, DC, offers an October prayer service for the Ladies of Charity . The season of autumn lends itself to marveling at God’s creation, especially after the most recent encyclical from Pope Francis. She reminds us of this quote from St. Vincent... “… the...

Vincent de Paul: Importance of Prayer

Sr. Carol Schumer, D.C. provides a prayer service for September with the theme “Vincent de Paul: Importance of Prayer”.  Vincent ends many of his letters asking the recipient to pray for him.He uses phrases such as: “Remember me in your prayers”  (#76 To the Pastor of...

Daughters of Charity Making an Impact

Sister Carol Schumer shares about her ministry with Father’s Support Center in St. Louis.

Savoring the Incarnation with Louise through Mary

Sr. Carol Schumer, D.C. has prepared an Advent prayer service for the Ladies of Charity. She concludes withe follow suggestions for personal reflection... How does the Son of God becoming flesh grace my life? How can Mary be my model of receiving and bearing Jesus to...

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