“A way of life driven by the Gospel”

by | May 24, 2015 | Daughters of Charity, News

dc-featured-news“A way of life driven by the Gospel” – With these words the Daughters of Charity open a page describing the opening of their General Assembly on May 15.

They continue …

We are in the process of studying the first part: “A way of living driven by the Gospel.” It has three points:

  1. A life simplified by the Gospel
  2. Relationships imbued with Gospel values
  3. A close relationship with Christ.

We are very different by country, culture, age, and profession, but we share the same charism, because we are Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, entirely given to God, in community, for the service of persons who are poor.

This beautiful graphic from their site sums up the above.



They will be electing a new Mother General on Monday after Pentecost.

Visit “A way of life driven by the Gospel” for more details and also the results of the election.