Pope washes prisoner’s feet – Do we understand?

by | Apr 3, 2015 | News

Pope washing feetWatch the Pope washes prisoners’ feet. Then ask with Jesus… do we understand?

The Pope washed the feet of 12 inmates, half of them female, from Italy, Nigeria, Congo, Brazil and Ecuador. The Pope kissed their feet after washing them, including the child of one of the Nigerian inmates. The Pope needed help to bend down on his knees. Many of the people attending the Mass, broke down in tears.
He highlighted during his homily, that in Jesus’ time, washing other people’s feet was something reserved for slaves. Jesus, he added, carried out this example because he wanted to be everyone’s ‘slave.’
“Washing feet is a very menial task. A sign of the host welcoming a guest; a sign of the recognition that you are important to me. You are important because of who you are, not because of what you have done for me; not because you are a sinner or a saint, but because in you there is the unique presence of God” the Abbot says.

“And he does something the disciples couldn’t understand: he washes feet,” the Pope continued. This was customary at the time because when people entered a house their feet were dirty from the dust along the way, there weren’t any cobble stones at that time,” the Pope explained, triggering a few smiles. And at the entrance to the house they would wash their feet. But it wasn’t the master of the house who washed his guests’ feet, it was the slaves who didi t, it was a slave’s work. And Jesus washes our feet like a slave. The feet of the disciples. This is why you don’t understand what I am doing now, he says to Peter, you will understand later on.

Jesus’ love for us was so great that he became a slave to serve us, heal us, clean us. .. But I too need to be washed by the Lord, and please pray for this during this mass. Pray that the Lord will also wash away my filth so that I become your slave, more of a slave in service of the people, just like Jesus was.”


Video courtesy of RomeReports.