Vincentian Care: Serving With Love, in a Spirit of Justice

“…your principal concern, which God asks especially of you, is to be very attentive in serving the poor, who are our lords. Oh yes, Sisters! They are our masters. That is why you must treat them gently and kindly…” – St. Vincent de Paul

Ever Wanted a Do-over?

Ever Wanted a Do-over? Vincent did! I suspect we all have. How about helping others rebuild their lives by speaking out on their behalf?

Daughter of Charity exchanged over 14,000 letters with prisoners

An amazing second ministry after a term of office as Provincial - 14,000 letters between a Daughter of Charity and prisoners Astor Rodriguez writes on his Facebook page...Sister Genoveva Masip, DC was an Angel of Charity. She worked tirelessly for the poor. We who had...

Pope washes prisoner’s feet – Do we understand?

Pope washes prisoner’s feet – Do we understand?