Social Justice Concerns of the Daughters of Charity.

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Daughters of Charity, Justice and Peace

DC Peace and JusticeRecommended reading from the November 10, 2014. The Social Justice Link  of the Daughters of Charity

Dear Sisters,

from Sister Sharon Groetsch (St. Louis)

  • This is an article from the NCR that every Daughter of Charity should read!

Why doesn’t poverty play a bigger role in US politics?

from Sister Mary Ellen Lacy (St. Louis)

  • Lest we forget the horrors that women and children are escaping when they arrive at our borders seeking asylum, Ctrl+Click on the link below to read an article from the New York Times.


  • 66,000 men, women, and children — the human cost of the election. Since the President’s latest delay thousands of families have been torn apart in traumatic ICE raids. Now that the election is over, President Obama has no more reasons to delay executive action. He made a promise to immigrant communities and our allies that he would act after the election. Ctrl+Click on the link below to sign the letter to President Obama.

Join us and demand that the President provide immediate relief to all 11 million immigrants right now.


  • We need Congress to pass legislation, the Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA), to update the VRA and to protect people of color and their right to vote. We cannot let Congress play partisan politics and ignore this legislation. Stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who face discrimination that prevents them from participating fully in our democracy.  Take Action Now, sign the letter today.