Vincentian Wise Asset Management – Day 4

by | Oct 4, 2014 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

FINAL_DAY__1_Workshop on Wise Asset Management – Fr. Jolly reports on the Final Day October 03, 2014

Highlights of the day: The last day of the workshop. The morning sessions introduced the project services available to the Vincentian family. Vincentian Solidarity Office and International Project Services were the once providing services to the provinces in obtaining grants for their various needs. Understandably both are not funding Organizations but help immensely the provinces with their expertise on preparing grant proposals and submit them to the foundations. The afternoon session was for the evaluation of the workshop itself with quite bit of feedback sharing. For the entire workshop was an enriching experience opening great vistas to funds to serve the poor better. The whole workshop was knit with strands of cherished Vincentian values and virtues befitting to our Vincentian family. The whole exercise could be summed up in the words of one “There appears to be no distance between the funds and the poor, no roadblocks either”. We remain ever grateful to the resource team and those who helped to make this workshop possible.

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