AIC: The Journey 1617 to Today Part 2

by | Sep 5, 2014 | International Association of Charities - Ladies of Charity, Vincentian Family

Part 2 of the video “AIC: Journey from 1617 to Today” is now available. This section focuses on the dedicated women of charity in various countries around the world.

A six-minute combined version (Parts 1 and 2 together) can be found here.

The aims of the International Association of Charities (AIC) today include: Acting as a transforming force in society; fighting all forms of poverty and exclusion through innovative initiatives and projects; prioritizing women throughout the world; strengthening the participation of people suffering from poverty in their own development; promoting collaboration and networking; and participating in political actions and programs encouraging co-responsibility of those concerned. Produced by Famvin and narrated by Fr. John Freund, C.M.