Why be the Voice of the Poor?

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Justice and Peace, Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Systemic change

Voice poor squareWHY VOICE OF THE POOR?

Voice of the Poor (VOP) is the advocacy arm of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

By identifying and bringing attention to those issues that are critical to those living in poverty and to the structures, societal and legislative, that cause and perpetuate poverty, VOP Vincentians can help communities and elected representatives to develop strategies and tactics that will provide the most effective and efficient mean to reduce or eliminate poverty.

The mission of the Society is to “End Poverty through Systemic Change.”

Advocacy is essential for “Systemic Change to happen!”

Systemic change involves motivating and empowering people in poverty to work on their own future. It is often a long process that starts by pointing the poor to the first rung of the ladder, and then helping them as they climb out of their situation. Meanwhile, through advocacy, Vincentians ensure that the needed resources are available.

Join in and be the Voice of the Poor!

Vincentians advocate, not because of personal opinions, ideology or political beliefs.

Vincentians choose their positions because of the needs of the people they serve and the knowledge gained when visiting people in poverty in their homes. Advocacy is essential when people in need cannot represent themselves.

Voice of the Poor Advocacy aims at influencing public policy or resource allocation decisions at all levels of government (Federal, State, County, City, etc.). It helps developing strategies and tactics that will provide the most effective and efficient mean to reduce or eliminate poverty.

Advocacy includes activities such as writing letters or e-mails to legislators, lobbying, writing newspaper articles, social media, public speaking, among others.

Voice of the Poor does not take positions for or against a political party or individual candidates. However, Voice of the Poor is interested in working with those elected officials, whether Republicans or Democrats, who support initiatives that will benefit people in poverty, children, elderly, immigrants (documented or not), and all of those served by SVdP.

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