Vincentian-themed prayer resources

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Spirituality and Spiritual Practice | 2 comments

vincent-praying-featured-newsLooking for Vincentian-themed prayer resources? Chances are that VinFormation might help with prayers for special situations and events throughout the year including litanies and novenas and retreats. Some are limited to words while others have graphical elements. Some examples…




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  1. Ross

    Besides the “Prayer of the Vincentian Family,” another prayer I pray daily is the following:

    Father in heaven, we ask for your Holy Spirit.
    May this Advocate be ever with us and guide us to all truth,
    reminding us always, but especially in our participation in the holy Eucharist,
    that we live in Jesus Christ by the death of Jesus Christ
    and that we ought to die in Jesus Christ by the life of Jesus Christ
    and that our life ought to be hidden in Jesus Christ and full of Jesus Christ
    and that in order to die like Jesus Christ it is necessary to live like Jesus Christ.

  2. John Freund, CM

    Thanks for sharing this prayer.