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by | Mar 23, 2014 | Justice and Peace

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Depaul UK brings in graffiti artists for London street art campaign tackling youth homelessnessYouth homelessness charity Depaul UK has launched an awareness campaign involving a group of graffiti artists who will create street art to tell young peoples’ stories.


Depaul-graffit 1The move is part of the ‘Don’t Let Their Stories End on The Streets’ campaign created by Publicis, and the work will appear as murals located in Dalston and Shoreditch in East London. Each artwork – created by artists Ben Slow, David Shillnglaw, Best Ever, Josh Jeavons and Jim McElvany – depicts the factors that led up to homelessness for the young people interviewed in the project.


Depaul-graffit 2Joseph Howes, executive director of fundraising and development at Depaul UK, said: “At Depaul UK we work every day with young people whose stories could otherwise so easily have ended on the streets, so it is fitting that we are working with artists who can bring a street-eye view to bear directly on our work and the lives of the young people we serve.”


Depaul-graffit 3Andy Bird, Publicis executive creative director, added: “If you live in a big city chances are you come into contact with homeless people on a regular basis, often asking for money.



Depaul-graffit 4“It’s easy for charity fatigue to set in and forget that they’re not there out of choice, but because they come from circumstances and backgrounds which have given them little choice than to sleep rough.


Depaul-graffit 5“By telling these kids’ stories we’re inviting people to connect with them as human beings. And using the street as a medium felt like an original and powerful way of doing it.”

Members of the public can get involved by visiting a dedicated website and buying a section of a ‘digital wall’.