Niagara University Students Publish Research on Youth Homelessness in PaxLumina

Niagara University Students Luke Donner and Adam Kiedrowski had their research on youth homelessness and COVID-19 published in this month’s PaxLumina.

Forgotten Truths About Mary the Mother of God

Viewing Mary not just in that one marvelous moment of the Annunciation but in the context of a lifetime of discipleship.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Recognizing the Frederics In Our Midst

Do we recognize this generation’s Frederic and friends in our midst today?

World Youth Day – From the Perspective of an Older Generation

“Youth are needed because of their boldness and audacity, even their imprudence. They provide us with new ideas and a new way of doing things that we had never imagined.” Frederic Ozanam

The Pope Video: Youth

The Pope Video: Youth

Youth, which is part of "The Pope Video" series promoted by the Vatican, was released Tuesday, April 4. Young people have in their hands the challenge of building a more just future, a future of solidarity. Let us support them. Let’s pray with the Pope that our youth...

Not Every Group Says #IamVincent

Not Every Group Says #IamVincent Every group has its own past, present and future. Summertime (in the northern hemisphere) is a time when many young adults give their time in service. LeaderworX is one of those programs -- and dear to my heart -- with a storied past, a...