Niagara University Students Publish Research on Youth Homelessness in PaxLumina

Niagara University Students Luke Donner and Adam Kiedrowski had their research on youth homelessness and COVID-19 published in this month’s PaxLumina.

Forgotten Truths About Mary the Mother of God

Viewing Mary not just in that one marvelous moment of the Annunciation but in the context of a lifetime of discipleship.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Recognizing the Frederics In Our Midst

Do we recognize this generation’s Frederic and friends in our midst today?

World Youth Day – From the Perspective of an Older Generation

“Youth are needed because of their boldness and audacity, even their imprudence. They provide us with new ideas and a new way of doing things that we had never imagined.” Frederic Ozanam

Can we hear words of this young person?

Can we hear words of this young person?

Can we hear words of this young person? Karl Michael Hila draws our attention to a young person named Frederic Ozanam. "The earth has become a chilly place. It is up to us Catholics to rekindle the flame of human warmth which is going out. It is up to us to recommence...

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