Not Every Group Says #IamVincent

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Every group has its own past, present and future. Summertime (in the northern hemisphere) is a time when many young adults give their time in service. LeaderworX is one of those programs — and dear to my heart — with a storied past, a powerful present, and a bright future.

What is LeaderworX?

LeaderworX is an integrated experience of prayer, active service, community living, ministry training, and leadership development in one incredible summer.

Each year since its commencement under the sponsorship of the Eastern USA province of Congregation of the Mission in 2006, LeaderworX has been offered to young adults seeking to develop themselves personally, professionally, and spiritually through service to those in need, education in Catholic Social Teaching, and orientation in peace and justice advocacy. By helping to facilitate the now independent Center for FaithJustice summer projects, LeaderworX community members minister to middle and high school students as they seek to grow in faith, serve others, and develop a deeper understanding of justice.

Though there are many opportunities for service during one’s education, there are relatively few that allow you to combine community living, professional development, and a passionate commitment to social justice. It is an intense experience that we expect will help you on your journey.

Young adults seeking to discern how they can work for justice, peace, and human dignity are particularly good candidates for LeaderworX. LeaderworX is also a great opportunity for those considering a long-term service program, discerning how to make the world a better place, or just trying to figure out what is next in life.

What makes LeaderworX Unique?

The integration of active service, personal and professional discernment, and peace and justice is at the heart of LeaderworX. Two concepts key to LeaderworX arise from this integration: Vocation and FaithJustice.

Vocation: Understanding vocation – learning to discern your sense of calling – is essential to leading a meaningful life. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their unique call to be of service to the church and world. This spirit of vocation informs the work, conversations, and experiences at LeaderworX.

FaithJustice: What does it mean for a Christian to live faithfully in the world? How do we integrate an awareness of injustice and a deep desire to do something about it into our spiritual lives? What does all of this have to do with the Gospel? LeaderworX takes as one of its foundational texts the words found in the letter of St. James, “Faith without works is dead.” LeaderworX seeks to form young adults committed to the integral relationship between Christian faith and social justice and attempts to give them the tools to make advocacy for peace and justice a part of their lives.

They don’t say #IamVincent, but I say #TheyareVincent.

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