Vincentian Magi – then and now?

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Vincent-Louise-Elizabeth-150x150Have you thought about what gifts we as a Vincentian Family and individual followers  Vincent and Louise bring to the “stables” today? As I read a post “Third Millennium Wisemen” focused on the gifts of our last three Popes that was the question I found myself asking. Who are the Magi in our Vincentian Family? What threats have we faced? What gifts did Vincent, Louise, Frederic and Elizabeth bring in their age? What gifts have we brought to those on the periphery today?

From the article…” The three wise men departed by a different route to protect the new born King from the jealousy and tyranny of Herod the Great. They entered Bethlehem with temporal treasure. They left with eternal treasure. They continued into the periphery. The eternal centre of Christ was stamped in their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Approximately two thousand years later on the cusp of the Third Millennium in the small “peripheries” of Poland, Germany and Argentina, three male infants were born to be baptized as Carol Wojtyla, Joseph Ratzinger and Jorge Bergoglio. They were lovingly raised in the tender lap of Mother Church. At a young age they encountered Christ in the “Centres” of their families and Church. As they grew up, they learned to follow the Heavenly Star, Our Blessed Mother, who led them to Christ. ”

They heard The Lord ask, “What gifts do you bring to me “Carol, Joseph, Jorge?”

Each developed their God given Gifts in extraordinary ways and under extraordinary circumstances. Carol used them in the periphery of Philosophy under the dictates of Nazism and Communism. Joseph used them in the periphery of Theology under the dictates of theological Revolutionaries. Jorge used them in the periphery of the poor under the dictates of corruption.

Each had threatening adversaries such as Nazism, Communism, Corruption, Fundamentalism, Atheism, Secularism, and the worst enemy of all, betrayal from within. Each answered their adversaries with humility, love, dialogue and prayer.

Time passes but again the Star appeared and Mary prayerfully guided them to profoundly encounter Christ. Again, The Lord asked, “What gifts do you have for me Carol, Joseph and Jorge?”

The post “Third Millennium Wisemen” offers an interpretation of their answers. What are the gifts you and I bring as individuals and as a family? Click the Comment button on this post or the link Contact Us



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