What are Vincentian youth doing?

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Vincentian Family, Vincentian Marian Youth

jmv anniversaryTake a quick tour around the world with the Vincentian Marian Youth Newsletter JMV Bulletin 2013 ENG

Brazil – From November 15-17 the II National Encounter of former members of the VMY who have transitioned into other branches of the Vincentian Family was held. Thirty former members of the VMY participated in this gathering along with lay advisors, Missionaries of the Congregation and Daughters of Charity. This was a time for renewal in the faith, as well as a time for planning.

Colombia – From November 8-11 the Association gathered in the city of Armenia in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the presence of the VMY in the province of Cali.    More  than  250  young  men and women  participated  in  this  celebration.  For  many  years  the Association has been involved in the evangelization of other young men and women as well as children and families in need.  This was a time to give thanks to God for the fruits that have been harvested as a result of this evangelization process, namely, men and women exercising their profession in an honest and sincere manner, good parents and spouses, men and women religious dedicated to God and to the building up of the kingdom of God throughout Colombia.

Ecuador – From November 1-3 the XIX National Encounter was held in the city of Riobamba … 170 young men and women from throughout the country gathered together under the motto: God is our goal and our point of reference. This was a time for prayer, community building and formation,

 United States – Twenty members of the VMY in the western part of the United Stated made their Marian consecration on November 2nd. We congratulate them for having taken this important step in the midst of our Association, a step which draws these men and women closer to our Mother, Mary.

Mexico – From November 15-17 the National Assembly was held in Teocelo- Veracruz … 160 representatives from throughout the country participated in this meeting during which they revised their Statutes and elected a new National Council. All of this was coordinated by Diana Velásquez. We ask our Blessed Mother to bless the members of the new council and to strengthen the members of the out-going council to continue their service of love on behalf of their brothers and sisters

Panama – Panama City will be the site of the VI Encounter CENMEX which will take place from December 16-21. Many young men and  women  from  Mexico  and  Central America will gather together under the motto: It is time to be reborn, time to affirm your steps! We unite with our brothers and sisters in prayer for the success of this event.

Peru From November 15-17 the XII National Encounter of the VMY in Peru was held.  120 young men and women advisors gathered together under the motto: VMY, Missionaries of love and living in communion with one another. This was a powerful experience, one filled with life and faith in which people were able to share moments of  prayer  and reconciliation and relaxation.

Puerto Rico – It is incredible to see how we are going in number day by day and this is due to the witness that is being given by the members of the Association. This has occurred on the Island of Santa Cruz where the pastor of Saint Joseph’s requested a retreat for the young people in the parish. The pastor was very aware of the work and the ministry of the members of our Association and he has supported them and wants them to make the Vincentian charism present in that part of the country. We unite with them in prayer so that their witness to their faith might continue to produce fruit.

Slovenia – The VMY in Slovenia has elected a new National Council composed of Urška Škrabec; Andrej Mehle y Žan Avbelj. We wish them success in their ministry. They have begun to organize monthly meetings with children in which biblical themes are discussed and reflected upon.

Angola – All the groups prepared an activity that w in collaboration with the Archdiocese of The  Vincentian  Conferences and those who are members of the Miraculou Association  celebrated  together  the  feast  of  Saint  Vincent. During that celebration the VMY (Boa Nova) explained how th men and women of the Association are living out the Vincentian call/

Kenya – A new group of the VMY was formed at the University of Maoi in the province of Kitale. These new members request prayers as they embark on this new journey. To Jesus with Mary!

Philippines – As a result of the typhoon that has devastated this country the young men and women of the VMY are supporting and collaborating with the other members of the Vincentian Family and providing assistance in the area of Bohol and Tacloban, areas that were affected by this storm.


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