Lift Up My Soul: 15 Days of Prayer with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

by | Jan 17, 2022 | News

We need prayer.
Without it, no matter what’s happening in your life, your heart won’t be at peace.
Join us on a 15-day journey of prayer with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, an ordinary woman who endured extraordinary suffering, and became the first American-born Saint.

We keep hearing the word unprecedented. Perhaps in some ways these past few years were unprecedented. But in other ways, they were not.

Times of doubt and uncertainty. Times of coldness and division. Times of crisis and discouragement. Times of suffering and pain. The challenges of the world are not unprecedented. These roads have been walked before.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton knew challenges like the ones we’re facing. She buried her husband before her 30th birthday. Two of her five children died in her arms. She lost her best friend. All to tuberculosis. She was left penniless, bankrupt, and alone.

How did she find strength? Prayer.