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Praying Our Heritage: With Those Who Grieve

How many can today identify with these words and need the support of our prayers?

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s experiences in places of quarantine

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton had two life-changing experiences in a place of quarantine.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Historical Frame of Reference

St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton was born in New York City, a daughter of the American Revolution and a child of her environment. Learn more in this SlideShare presentation.

Key Role of Friendship in the Life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Deep friendships were extremely important to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and she made every effort to keep in close contact with them. (SlideShare presentation)

Newest Biography of Elizabeth Ann Seton

Newest Biography of Elizabeth Ann Seton

Hear about the Newest Biography of Elizabeth Ann Seton at  Chat with an Author at The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Emmitsburg, MD — Arizona State University professor and author Catherine O'Donnell will be at the Seton Shrine on Friday, September 14,...

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